Welcome to
Inclusive Health PCN

Inclusive Health Primary Care Network was formed comprising 7 GP practices across West London.

Our philosophy is to provide high quality and accessible health care through partnership; by matching resources to patient needs; and by caring for staff through structured support, education and training.

We particularly target our efforts at areas of unmet need.

We believe that high quality primary healthcare depends upon three key principles which underpin our model of service provision:


All patients are able to access high quality primary health care, irrespective of age, sex, ethnic background, language or culture. Services therefore are tailored to the local need and are developed by the local community in partnership with ourselves and other health professionals.


Many excuses are made for what is often poor quality primary care. We believe that the care that is provided, no matter what the area and local health needs, should be of the highest quality.


Modern primary health care involves delivery of complex and diverse services. Good primary care can only be provided by strong, supported and diverse team working in partnership with patients; professionals; Commissioner and other stakeholders. For Inclusive Health, this means that as much effort goes into managing the processes of health care provision as goes into the outcomes.